WestConnex is Australia’s largest transport infrastructure project.

WestConnex will widen and extend the M4 Motorway, duplicate the M5 East, and link the M4 and M5 to provide a western bypass of the Sydney CBD. Over two thirds of the 33 kilometre motorway will be located in underground tunnels.

The project is being delivered in five stages:

  • New M4: M4 Widening (completed)
  • King Georges Road Interchange Upgrade (completed)
  • New M4: M4 East
  • New M5
  • M4-M5 Link.

WestConnex is on track for completion in 2023. Once it is fully operational, it will improve the speed, reliability and safety of travel across the city’s road network and make it easier for industry and communities to connect.

Key features

To date, WestConnex has:

  • widened the M4 between Parramatta and Homebush, creating smoother road surfaces and new access points to the motorway. The widened M4 allows motorists to bypass 28 sets of traffic lights on Parramatta Road, reducing journey times in western Sydney
  • lengthened the on and off-ramps at the King Georges Road M5 interchange, providing more capacity and reducing congestion for motorists.

In future, WestConnex will:

  • extend the M4 in twin underground tunnels between Homebush and Haberfield
  • build new M5 tunnels to double capacity between St Peters and Kingsgrove
  • join these underground routes together via the M4–M5 Link tunnel.

WestConnex will also deliver around 23 kilometres of active transport links and 18 hectares of open recreational space to enhance liveability in Sydney.

Visit WestConnex.com.au for further project information.