Rozelle Rail Yards site management work

The former Rozelle Rail Yards site is overgrown and derelict from years of disuse. The site has not been operational for more than 20 years and is well overdue for a clean-up. 

The NSW Government will undertake a range of activities on the site, to help address these issues. These activities will also facilitate use of the site for future infrastructure purposes, which would include use of the site for WestConnex M4-M5 Link, if that project is approved.

The work will include:

  • Site establishment including installing fencing, temporary site offices, erosion, sediment and drainage controls
  • Removing waste, stockpiles of materials and vegetation
  • Removing existing rail infrastructure, buildings and redundant services 
  • Site stabilisation and stormwater controls.

Sydney Motorway Corporation is managing the site management work on behalf of Roads and Maritime Services. Roads and Maritime will soon appoint a principal contractor to carry out the site management work at the Rozelle Rail Yards.

Project approvals

In 2016, Roads and Maritime Services prepared a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) to assess the potential environmental impacts of the work. Fifty-eight submissions were made during the public display of the REF in November and December 2016, and these have been addressed in the Submissions Report which can be viewed here.

When the project was determined, the approval took into consideration the environmental assessment, issues raised in community and stakeholder submissions, and the Submissions Report.

Keeping you informed

We will continue to keep the community and stakeholders updated and the local community will be notified before any work starts.

If you have any further feedback or questions on the Rozelle Rail Yards site management work, or to register to recieve updates, please contact the project team at or on 1800 870 248.

Project documents