The Nuts and Bolts on male cancers

Checkyourtackle came about when founder, Wayne Earle was diagnosed with penile cancer. During his diagnosis, prognosis, surgery and afterward, there was very little information and conversation about what it’s like to experience penile (and other forms of male-related) cancers. Checkyourtackle aims to help raise awareness as well as promote heightened support and networking by providing information that is readily available and easily accessible.

In April 2018, Sydney Motorway Corporation provided a grant to checkyourtackle to support their ‘The Nuts and Bolts on Male Cancers’ campaign.

The project aims to reach men via placement of messages within male washrooms of Sydney shopping centres for a one-month period (during the month of Men’s Health Week).

This initiative aligns with Sydney Motorway Corporation’s sustainability focus areas to improve health and safety by increasing awareness of male related types of cancer in Sydney.  

"This grant allows to spread more awareness and education to a wider audience on penile, testicular, anal and breast cancers. So far, we have been limited to doing our golf day, car shows and Bunnings days and with this funding we will have 60 displays boards with take away informative Z cards in 6 Major Sydney shopping centres that have over 350000 visitors weekly."

Wayne Earle, Chair