Interactive White Boards at at Chalmers Road School

Chalmers Road School is a school for students in Kindergarten to Year 12, who come from low socio-economic and non-English speaking backgrounds, that have moderate or severe intellectual disabilities paired with one or more of the following; autism, epilepsy, down syndrome, vision impairment, physical disabilities, mental health and genetic disorders. Students come from a wide geographic area including the inner west and western suburbs of Sydney.

In October 2017, Sydney Motorway Corporation provided a grant to Chalmers Road School to help purchase two new electronic whiteboards.

This initiative aligns with Sydney Motorway Corporation’s sustainability focus areas to improve educational outcomes and economic development. This initiative is important to support student learning outcomes and maximise engagement by catering to all student learning styles, allowing for greater potential in being active, empowered 21st century citizens across their communities.

“This Community Grant from the Sydney Motorway Corporation will have a significant impact for our school community of Chalmers Road School. Interactive whiteboards have demonstrated significant positive effects on students with special educational needs and promotes a multi-sensory style of learning with proven value for the learning outcomes for our students with disabilities. We are very grateful as this grant will enable us to start replacing the classroom’s Interactive Whiteboards in targeted sections of the school' , said principal Michelle Davies.