Helping migrant men fulfil their potential

Sydney Motorway Corporation is helping improve the economic opportunities and well-being of fathers and their families in western Sydney by providing a community grant to Prosper (Project Australia).

Prosper was formed in 2014 and supports disadvantaged children and their families at home, at school and in the community through innovative welfare and support programs.

The grant allows Prosper to deliver a program specifically for fathers in the Auburn region and includes migrant men, including refugees, and people experiencing hardship. The program will provide these men with:

  • A skills audit to facilitate networking, work-readiness, and employment opportunities.
  • Practical workshops to prepare for work, become more financially literate, and support healthy family relationships, and father-child bonds.
  • An online community for them to connect and share information and activities.

This initiative aligns strongly with Sydney Motorway Corporation’s sustainability objectives of improving education, employment and economic outcomes for local people.

Many of these men had degrees and established professions in their native country, however they’re not fulfilling their potential in Australia due to barriers like language and recognition of their qualifications. With Sydney Motorway Corporation’s help, our program will improve the men’s job opportunities and relationships with their families.”

Karen Craigie, Executive Director, Prosper (Project Australia)