Our business

About us

Sydney Motorway Corporation was established by the NSW Government in 2014 to finance road projects on behalf of Roads and Maritime Services. In just a few years, our business and our capabilities have expanded significantly. 

Our goal is to shape a better Sydney by financing, delivering and operating WestConnex – Australia’s largest transport infrastructure project.

When WestConnex is complete, it will provide safer, faster and more reliable travel, and improve the overall experience for road users across Greater Sydney. WestConnex will also enhance livability in our city by delivering over 18 hectares of recreational open space, and improved pedestrian and cyclist links for our communities.

Our history

Sydney Motorway Corporation was established in August 2014 to invest in, and arrange finance for, designated road projects.

Between its inception in 2014 and 30 September 2015, Sydney Motorway Corporation was commissioned by the NSW Government to secure financing solutions for the delivery of WestConnex.

During that period, WestConnex Delivery Authority, a subsidiary of Roads and Maritime Services, was responsible for the procurement and project delivery of WestConnex.

On 1 October 2015, WestConnex Delivery Authority’s procurement and project delivery functions transferred to Sydney Motorway Corporation. A number of Government functions, such as property acquisition and planning, remain the responsibility of Roads and Maritime Services.